The agreement now provides for a discount of 10% for all products.

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From next year the collaboration will be expanded in an even better way with great news for our association.

The "Orso Azzurro" site has been designed and created by Federica Dosi. It is an online store that sells toys and growth instruments for children with different abilities.

The idea of Orso Azzurro comes from Federica's experience in the "Small Dosies" Association and the desire to provide a reference site for families and friends of disabled children, where they buy quality educational toys that are useful in developing everything their learning potential and help them live their handicap better.

Today the site is run by Alessandra Raimondi with the desire to continue to offer a useful and important service for all those special children or girls.

In order to respond to all the needs, the assistance provided by educators, pedagogues, onlus and of course parents of children was essential. Along with them we have selected a catalog of quality and certified toys and toys from various Italian, European and American suppliers that we ship at home