We were born in April 2017 as an association after a year and 1600 members become a company.

In this year we managed to make ourselves known and appreciated, to negotiate 100 conventions in all areas that interact with a person's free time

We have negotiated and found the agreement with 3 private companies and 1 trade union organization for their employees' free time.

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We went in search of artisan producers to provide our members with high quality products at very competitive prices thanks to the logic of the buying groups.

The next step is to give companies the possibility to provide different welfare, to give their employees the possibility to choose between a series of activities with high added value.  

We will choose high quality activities, present in the area, because we believe in the valorization of small and medium-sized enterprises, of craft activities, we believe in the promotion of their products.  

Thanks to this type of choice, we want to live and help these activities in a market where large chains incorporate everything and desertify the territory.

Why choose us?  

We want to transmit our passion for our philosophy The various states, those who govern the grains and the small cities, the big companies, have all lost the desire to create a community.  

The new businesses have revolutionized the idea of communicating, have created new jobs, have allowed young boys all over the world to express their disagreement with those who govern them, but have also created a virtual life that has taken possession of the real one .  

We want to create a network from below, give promotion, help, to all men and women who have the courage to open an activity, because you imagine walking through the cities without shops, without artistic or cultural activities, without music, do you really want all this? To change and create it takes patience but also a lucid madness.  

What do we mean by lucid madness?  

We want to create a network that extends and branches into local communities. Starting from Italy and "in primis" all from Liguria.  

Keeping open the channel of agreements with companies and agreements and facilities for each individual member, we want to create a structure that is able to participate, innovate the world of tourism  in the region.  

We want to train and give vent to the creativity of the new generations. We want to be competitive in private tenders and public tenders, to be able to take management and innovate and gradually grow as a structure.