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PPDry diapers / Price per pack 3,50 Euro (VAT included):

- Size New Born 3-6 Kg Conf.24 Diapers

- Midi Size 4-9 Kg Conf.22 Diapers

- Maxi Size 7-18 Kg Conf. 9 diapers

- Junior Size 11-25 Kg Conf.18 Diapers

- Extra Large Size 15-30Kg Conf.15 Diapers

Absorbello Wipes UP:

- Pack of 64 pieces with refrigeration closing 1.6 (VAT included) Euro per pack

Opac Sensitive Wet Wipes:

- Pack of 72 pieces with freshness-saving closure 1.9 (VAT included) Euro per pack

Absorbello Tarpaulins:

- Pack of 10 pieces for changing the diaper 3 Euro (VAT included) per pack.

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PPDry, Made in Italy quality for your child

The skin of the little ones is extremely delicate: particularly sensitive, it risks reddening quickly causing little annoying itching or inflammation.

The first goal of ProntoPannolino was to find the "perfect diaper", the one that proved dermatologically suitable for the delicate skin of children, super absorbent and comfortable, to accompany the children from the first months to the first steps and beyond.

For this reason ProntoPannolino has made an uncompromising choice: for its nappies PPDry has decided to rely on an Italian manufacturer of national importance, with factories located in Italy, capable of producing a product of excellent quality.

It is precisely in our country that the "perfect diaper" is born: what makes PPDry diapers unique?

ProntoPannolino, the birth of the service that was not there

What is the best way to convey the values, desires and objectives that led to the beginning of this adventure, giving life to this project? Well, starting to tell you the story of who - after becoming a parent - this adventure decided to undertake it

Attilio and Elena, new parents

Attilio and Elena share as many as the joy of becoming parents: with the arrival of a child (in their case of a child, Geneva) they find themselves immersed in a new universe, all to be discovered! Changing schedules, habits, routine, and we are also close to the world - not always easy - products for children.

Elena, attentive to quality like all mothers, chooses only the best; Attilio, with an eye for extra for convenience, is the person in charge of buying diapers and soon realizes that finding the right ones at the right price is certainly not a walk!

We must untangle between the offers, understand which are really interesting based on the brand, the number of diapers in each package and many other factors ... Elena and Attilio have no economic problems, but both realize that for many families the purchase fair, reliable diapers at an appropriate price can really be a difficulty.

More time for yourself, more time with your child

And so it is, from the will of two careful new parents (in whose family, in the meantime, Giorgia has arrived), that ProntoPannolino is born, a new shopping experience that aims to make everything that is around the purchase of diapers easier and products for the wellbeing of children, starting from the quality of the product, of 100% Italian production and in line with the highest quality standards.

We then move on to respect the time which, we know, among the new parents is always little: this is why we decided to propose a shopping experience away from traffic, full parking lots, very crowded shopping centers (where there is also the risk of sick), etc. With ProntoPannolino you do everything online: it's easy, fast and very convenient.

Quality product, positive shopping experience, happy parents and children: this is ProntoPannolino, a service whose goal is to make new parents more serene and with more time available for their children; a goal that also makes the happiness of Attilio and Elena, because it is in feeling better that the energies and the stimuli are found in order to be able to help even those who must already struggle so much every day, like the non-profit organization ProntoPannolino supports.