From now on, all Associates of the Free Time Workers Territorial Recreational Association will be able to use it anywhere in Europe, this discount code to hire all that you need to get the most out of the places you live and travel.

You can choose from three categories: Water, Snow, or Bike (for all types of existing cycles)

Live your adventure, find what you need and get in touch with other community members who have your own passions!

With Sharewood you can also upload an ad with your equipment and make it available to other kids, earning it easy and knowing so many other people who like you move and love outdoor activities.

To use the discount code, go to WWW.SHAREWOOD.IO, select a location, category and choose the product that is right for you. Send the request by entering the discount code in the space, and the game is done!

If the equipment is available, you will be immediately contacted by the charterer and you will be able to agree to the withdrawal and make a few chats.

To upload your gear instead, register and post your first ad for free.